Why We Love Geofence & POI in fleet Tracking? (And You Should, Too!)

Why we love Geofence & POI in fleet tracking ? ( And You should, Too!) With GeoFencing and POI you can create areas and assign them to particular vehicles. By automated driver alerts or GPS reporting dashboard, you know precisely when your cars enter and exit the areas. Moreover, view where there is vehicle overlap which in turn allows you to adjust your fleet to be more efficient. The Geo-fence Areas Available:
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The 3 ways everyone should be using for GPS tracking devices to combat GPS jamming

The 3 ways everyone should be using for GPS tracking devices to combat GPS jamming   There will always be a segment of the population that wants to “fly under the radar /  satellite” and attempt to defeat GPS tracking devices. General speaking, thieves  or some drivers will do that with GPS jammers.    What is GPS jamming device ? A GPS jamming device or GPS jammer is quite a small transmitter that generate
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Become oner’s regional vendor

Become oner’s regional vendor  Oner is a manufacturer of GPS tracker and fleet tracking system, with over 10 years experience in GPS tracking filed.   We always focus on high quality GPS product and service. Now our majority customers in countries benefits a lot from our GPS trackers, especially in Africa.  To strengthen cooperation and get more benefits for us, we are looking for regional vendor now.  WHAT WE
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New Online GPS tracking system

New Online GPS tracking system New GPS tracking system(www.onersystem.com)  is an insightful, effective way for fleet owners to track their vehicles and support drivers. Your customers, fleet employees and vehicles can all benefit from this GPS tracking software. It allows you to do live track all your cars in sub-screens. Historical play back show where your fleet travels exactly. Online control center allows you to
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How could GPS car tracking help to small business

How could GPS car tracking help to small business  For startups and small businesses, they rely on company cars to conduct business operations.  The costs involved with having vehicles on the road is often a large expense.  such as traffic fine, insurance fee, vehicle maintenance cost. etc. GPS car tracking can help to reduce such cost associated with company vehicles can be crushing. As Andrew Johnson (director of s
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The 3 ways that fleet GPS tracker help to reduce fuel cost for company.

The 3 ways that fleet GPS tracker help to reduce fuel cost. As we know, fuel is one of the main cost that can be crushing for fleet company.How to reduce fuel cost? That is an old and main question.  The first thing is that we need to know what happen of the fuel in your fleet.  “How many fuel consumed per month? How many fuel cost per car?  What is  budget for this month?  How can i know if fuel get lost ? 
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Don’t let fleet tracking spook your employees

Don’t let fleet tracking spook your employees  You would like to use fleet tracking system to manage your fleet and driver, because it makes your work be more better. However, things will not go as though. The first thing you face is your employees.  What do they think if they know you installing vehicle tracker? ” Boss does not trust us, he though that we cheated him. ”  ” No privacy at all,
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Spell the end for speeding tickets by GPS speed limiter

Spell the end for speeding tickets by GPS speed limiter For logistic company, they have many ways to make their routine work be better, like live tracking all cars, set different alerts to protect them, do monitoring to drivers, to reduce cost on the road.  These solutions allow you to track your vehicles and drivers. What if any thing happen, you can take action at once by notifying them. That mean things already ha
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How could GPS tracking device help construction company?

How could GPS tracking device help construction company? For construction companies, what they need to start a construction project include Workers Tools and equipment Vehicles Heavy machinery  Their quantity are double , triple, quadruple.  So how to manage them is the question have to face. How to keep vehicles safety, and reduce fuel cost,  manage works, make the schedules? well,  a lot of paper works will make yo
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