How could GPS tracker make road safety?

How could GPS tracker make road safety ? Road safety seems to be more difficult to achieve as time goes on.  For the businesses rely on cars,  the costs involved with having vehicles on the road is often a large expense. Researching the top reasons for traffic accidents. There are 2 main reasons, speeding and non safety driving. 1) Speeding: That happens to all the drivers when they are in a hurry. They think speedin
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Why we should use 3G GPS tracker?

Why we should use 3G GPS tracker? Those who start using GPS tracker know the benefit on making fleet daily work be more smoother. Now GPS tracking device is operating with 2G connectivity. 3G connectivity is the new application in GPS tracking. What is the difference between 2G and 3G?  Let’s check this parameter the speed of data transmission in a device using 2G network is less than 50,000 bits per second (re
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How could GPS tracking system reduce insurance rate of your fleet ?

How could GPS tracking system reduce insurance rate of your fleet? As we know, insurance is necessary for fleet, and it can not be escape.   It is not a joke that have to pay a high insurance cost, particularly for the new company and small business.  Then how to decrease insurance rate?  The key is to improve fleet safety, reduce theft, and improve driver management.  GPS tracking system is quite a solution to get a
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The ultimate cheat sheet about GPS tracker installation

The ultimate tips sheet about  GPS tracker installation As the beginner of GPS tracker, the first problem you meet is the installation, as it looks so complicated with many cables.  Don’t worry ! That is an easy job for you after checking this sheet. Tip 1: Identify the features you need As we know, there are over 20 features in one GPS tracker, but it is not so necessary to use all. We just find out the featur
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How to install GPS GSM tracker with built-in antenna?

How to install GPS GSM tracker with built-in antennas? The most important thing to GPS tracker is the stable GPS signal and GSM network,  and then you can do the tracking any time any place. To get stable GPS signal and GSM network,  you can put external GPS GSM antennas to the correct. That is an easy job. What about the one with built in antenna? GPS GSM tracker with built in antenna is more difficult to install, a
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How to Install antenna of GPS tracker correctly?

How to install antennas of GPS trackers ? To make GPS tracker work probably , we need device to get good and stable GPS signal and GSM network. How to get good GPS signal and GSM network? The key is to install GSM/GPS antennas correctly. Here is some tips for you. Suggested place to install antenna. 1). GSM antenna You also can put GSM antenna to the plastic inter-layer of the A colum in the car. 2). GPS antenna Afte
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