Car rental GPS tracking systems

car rental GPS tracking

Car rental GPS tracking systems

Car renting is a profitable business in recent years.  People need a vehicle for self-driving tour and temporary using before own car recovering from damaged. At the same time, so many risky factors are also involved in doing such a business.

Car rental companies always need a system with which they can track their vehicles in case of any misappropriation, theft or even an accident.

Onertrack car rental GPS tracking systems can provide complete protection and management to the cars. 

1) Dual mode tracking to all the cars.car-rental-gps-tracking-systems1

All the rental cars can be found via online tracking software. Even if the car enter the area without GPS, LBS tracking mode will also get the location. Never lose tracking to the cars

2) Events and notification

Not just GPS tracking, rental car GPS tracking system can tell  more about the car. It includes: Illegal car door open,  duration of idling, Illegal car engine on,car stolen, Speeding, etc.

Rental companies can get alerts for any change of the cars, and take a action before them causing  troubles. 

It is not so necessary to keep eyes to the computer, email /SMS notification will give you notifying in time. 

3) Remote control

Stop the car to get back the car from the theft, reducing t downtime. It identifies the miles driven and speeding offence sends alert while violations.  And the speed limitation will slow down the car before crashing. 

4) POI/Geofence, History playback.

Driving in some certain areas is one of the rental service, but renter will not follow the contract and go everywhere. POI/Geofence feature will set fence to this car. If he goes to another area, alert active, and history play back feature will show the routes. By this way, no renter can go against the contract, protect the benefits of rental companies. 



More flexible features of car rental GPS tracking systems

Make car rental be more smoother.

Rental contract expire reminding car rental GPS tracking

Automatic calculate rental time once renter start the car for the first time. Remind both of them when the contract is nearly expire.  If renter do not want to renew contract, the car will be blocked.

Rental contract renew by SMS

No need to go to rental company, just a SMS command to GPS tracker, renter can drive the car again. 

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