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GPS Tracking for car rental

GPS Tracking for car rental Renting a car is the go-to solution for travelers that don’t want to put mileage on their own vehicle, but also don’t want to pay to fly. Owners of rental company also know that there are a lot that come along with these renters to use their cars. You may meet the follows:   reckless driving drive to another place where do not include in the contract do not return the car in time Over driv
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Why don’t use wifi GPS tracker in daily fleet tracking?

Why don’t use wifi GPS tracker in daily fleet tracking?  Wifi service are quite common in life, you can connect wifi and surf the internet in airport, shopping mall, library,etc. Some countries already build wifi city,  it allows you to connect free wifi in the street. etc, then people who use GSM/GPS tracker for their cars ask why don’t use GPS tracker with wifi in daily fleet tracking. After all, wifi i
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How to choose a vehicle tracking device for trailer ?

  How to choose a vehicle tracking device for trailer Trailers provide significant value for transportation, but also Attract the attention of criminals. According to the data from FreighWatch International, theft of cargo has peaked to a new industry high.  More trailers are targeted by thieves. Except grabbing goods stored on the trailers, but also trailers themselves.  These trailers are easy to steal, hide and se
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Which one should you choose? free GPS tracking service or build your own tracking system

Which one should you choose?  free GPS tracking service or build your own tracking system.  For the new one entered GPS tracking industry, tracking system is necessary for them. Generally, there are 2 ways, Get a free GPS tracking service or build own system. Then which one is good ? here is the difference between them, and hope this can give you some reference. Free GPS tracking service You don’t have to pay e
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GPS Tracking Devices For Teenage Driver

Car Tracking device for teenage driver Nowadays, young adults are a lot more in-the-know about the world and what goes in it than past generation were. By internet and mobile application, young adults can get a lot of information,  which may  impact on the behaviors.  However, this may lead to a tragic result, when they are lack of a good judgement. The first step toward this independence  is the purchase of their fi
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How To Ensure No Loses Of Tracking Data ?

How To Ensure No Loses Of Tracking Data ? Oner GPS tracker with data logger Using GPS tracker to improve fleet operation is too easy of a solution,  with limitation, of course. When the car goes to the place with weak GSM network or no network , online tracking is down. It is unable to do tracking in real time, but GPS signal is still there. It is necessary to get the tracking data, which help to know what happen dur
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The 3 tips you should know on how to select a GPS tracking solution

The 3 tips you should know on how to select a GPS tracking solution Using GPS tracking solution to improve fleet operations is accepted by more and more fleet owners. But how to select the GPS tracking solution to improve working efficient and save money? there are so many options, and none of them is not so simple as seen. Here is some tips for you.  1. GPS tracking with driver identify That is the first rule for ch
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The tips you should know to do temperature monitoring

The tips you should know to do temperature monitoring A broken or malfunctioning refrigerator of van can mean a loss of thousands of dollars of product. Understanding what your freezing devices are doing in real-time is critical to understanding the core of  business.  So Keep it fresh is the biggest challenge in transporting perishables for a fleet owner. However, drivers cannot always be relied upon to the compartm
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How to Solve the Biggest Problems With driver identify

  How to Solve the Biggest Problems in fleet management? GPS tracking is not enough Reckless . wasteful driving behavior can lead to all kinds of problems: Soaring insurance premiums Expensive vehicle reparis Constant vehicle maintenance. …… …… That are the biggest problems in fleet management and cost much for the lost.  So what is the best of action to such issue? Fleet companies are li
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Why We Love Geofence & POI in fleet Tracking? (And You Should, Too!)

Why we love Geofence & POI in fleet tracking ? ( And You should, Too!) With GeoFencing and POI you can create areas and assign them to particular vehicles. By automated driver alerts or GPS reporting dashboard, you know precisely when your cars enter and exit the areas. Moreover, view where there is vehicle overlap which in turn allows you to adjust your fleet to be more efficient. The Geo-fence Areas Available:
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