Emergency Car Kit

You never know where the road may lead or what may happen, so don’t be caught unprepared. bring you a line of high quality emergency car kits. Featuring automotive emergency items, these practical all-in-one kits can help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown .  

 oner emergency car kit


This emergency car kit includes b automotive emergency items to protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown;

Safety equipment keeps you safe  if an accident occurs while you’re on the road.

If stuck on the side of the road, this emergency car kit will help keep you restart the car

Auto Kit includes booster cables, auto fire extinguisher, warning triangle, tow strop, and an  flashlight; these are four critical items that can minimize the amount of time the car stuck

emergency car kitemergency car kit


Specification of Emergency Car Kit

Mini LED Light x 1
Booster Cable x  1
Auto Fire Extinguisher x 1
Warning Triangle x 1
Tow strap  x 1
Fluorescent clothes x 1



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