How to Solve the Biggest Problems With driver identify

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems in fleet management?

GPS tracking is not enough

Reckless . wasteful driving behavior can lead to all kinds of problems:

  • Soaring insurance premiums
  • Expensive vehicle reparis
  • Constant vehicle maintenance.
  • …… ……

That are the biggest problems in fleet management and cost much for the lost.  So what is the best of action to such issue?

Fleet companies are liable for employees’ actions whenever they are driving company cars. And they are especially vulnerable if fleet owners fail to identify problem drivers.

Why it is difficult to identify problem drivers?

The main reason is the drivers often share the same car, and trade the shifts without noting. In this case, fleet manager can not identify who did the bad behavoir.

The following scenario illustrates why this can be a big problem:

One appliance service-and-repair company has a fleet of 12 trucks and 15 drivers. The manager notices that fuel consumption increase at nights and last for a few days.  He doubts some one drived comapny car for personal purpose.  While the company keeps a schedule of who drives which car, the drivers trade shifts and cars without noting on the schedule. As a result, the fleet manager cannot prove which driver do such thing.

So how to reslove this problem?

Rather than a simple GPS tracking,  it is a better idea to choose a tracking system with fleet management and driver identify.

This tracking system allows fleet manager to enable a proactive response.

1. Upload drivers’ info to the system while logging in /out the car, and can be known as a trip. Fleet owner know who is driving the car during the trip.

2.  The system record all the events druing the trip, as well as driver info. that is the prove of driver performance. Fleet owner can identify who drive the car with unsafety behavoirs, like speeding, reckless driving, idling, etc.  The driver can not say he wasn’t driving at that time

All above solution base on the driver identify. what if driver do not do the identify?

This system blocks the engine unless driver do the identify, that mean no one can drive the car without logging in the car, even if has the key.

If the drivers trad the shifts without noting. when things happen, the driver in the schedule must take responsibility. We believe that no one will trade the shifts without noting.

What about the issue of driving for personal porpuse?

This tracking system provides non working time scheduel feature.  Fleet onwer can set non working time for each car. Once any car starts at non work time,  illegeal driving alert will active and show in the system. Of course, by driving identify, fleet onwer will know who did that.

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