Fleet tracking system for courier delivery

Fleet tracking system for courier delivery

In logistic and delivery industry, the key to drive benefits is to make the shortest route and reduce events. With oner fleet tracking system, the routine work of  companies will be more smoother.

Save time and cost

All the cars are under your control. Tracking system will show you the exact location in real time. It is easy for you to dispatch all.fleet tracking system

There are many warehouses or transshipment points around the country. You can set POIs for these warehouses and set alerts. When any car enters or leaves these POIs, alert active and notification will send to you via text or email.

All above improve the working effective and reduce time.  You will know the fleet is positioned to make decisions that could save thousands of dollars.

No private jobs

Driver would use company car for personal purpose sometimes. that was difficult to fix if no one knows who drive the car at that time. That is time and money lost for your business.   oner tracking platform  Create as many geo-fence alerts as you wish to know where your car should be every moment. For the event happen at night, non working time is a good choice. Set non working time for each car. Any car starts at non working time, illegal driving alert active and the car will stop. Of course, you can know who drove that car. 

Reduce Driving events

Bad driving events is another issue that logistic and courier have to face.  Any driving events could cost huge lost for company, like Speeding, reckless driving,  harsh break, etc. Oner technology help you know who did the bad driving with details. As importantly, these reports is a prove to apportion the blame for the accident. 


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