More than just GPS Car tracking

Oner GPS Car tracking system is a web-based fleet management solution  designed to integrate with your entire business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch.

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Permission & Power Assignment, Set Your Own Management

A tracking system with complete controlling, it make your management be more smoother. You can assign permissions and powers to your clients and people.


It allows you to assign different permissions to your people according to the demands and their ability. No workforce will be wasted.


You can set different power to people and clients. For your clients, a simple tracking is enough, and your people will need action when bad things happen, so you will give them control features.


Daily Report Sent By Email, Save lots of works

A email with tracking report will be sent to you or your clients per day, and it allows you ability to get data of your fleet every day automatically, rather than downloading by manual. Improve working effective.  and save a lot of work.

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More features of GPS car tracking. More flexibility.

Web-based software offers significant savings on IT and hardware costs and gives you access to critical data, alerts and reports
  Custom Hierarchies
Set up custom­ized access to meet the needs of your organization. Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management
  Custom System Interface
Customize interface according to your requirements, with your own logo, company name. No one will see any info about us. 
GPS tracking navigation car security
Live Track All The Vehicles
Track all the vehicles in multiple screens, it allows you to see each car in single screen, easy to track and manage. 
 Navigation & Dispatch
Tell the driver how to go according to the instruction from navigation feature. If new task is here, you can dispatch the car close to the destination on the map . 
 Multiple Alerts For Security
Detect car status in real time. and notify for any change of car status. It includes engine on, speeding, Geofence, etc, it also support alert definition
 Geofence fuel monitoring
 History Playback
Replay one or more vehicle’s route history for specific dates and follow the actual route taken by drivers.
 Geo-fence & POI
Set fence & POI during the trip, make sure vehicle not go to somewhere, to make routine work be smoother.
 Fuel Monitoring
Tell you fuel consumption of each vehicle in daily. Now dual fuel monitoring is available.  
Vehicle tracker phtographic  GPS vehicle tracker maintenance
Online Photographic
Keep viewing what happen in the car. See the face of the theft once the car was stolen.
 Data Analytics
With fleet data securely stored, you can run different reports to uncover insightful trends, and make new plan for the company conduction.  
 Vehicle Maintenance Plan
Set maintenance plan for each vehicle. and remind you in advance by email. No need a lot of paper work. 
 Online Control
Control your fleet ( stop engine, lock door, etc) online, keep car security in time.
 Driver management
Show the events and  info of the drivers, know who did the bad driving. No bad driving behaviors any more. 


See It live In Action


GPS Car Tracking

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