How To Ensure No Loses Of Tracking Data ?

GPS tracker with data logger

How To Ensure No Loses Of Tracking Data ?

Oner GPS tracker with data logger

Using GPS tracker to improve fleet operation is too easy of a solution,  with limitation, of course.

When the car goes to the place with weak GSM network or no network , online tracking is down. It is unable to do tracking in real time, but GPS signal is still there. It is necessary to get the tracking data, which help to know what happen during this time. 

Then how to ensure no loses of tracking data ?

The current solution is to store tracking data to the flash in the tracker, and resend it to the tracking system.

1. Data store to flash 

The storage of flash is 4MB or 8 Mb,  1 data is 0.1-0.2KB, that mean it can store 40,000-80,000 data at least. It looks like the storage is enough, but no one knows how long the car can leave such area ( I.E.: desert area), the flash may just store data for a few days.

What if extend the flash ? sending device back to tracker manufacturer is the only way. 

2. Data transfer.

When GSM network recover, GPS tracker starts sending the stored data to the server. At the same time, normal data transfer is processing too. Then that may cause Transmission Interference, still have chance losing tracking data. 

In this case, oner make some improvement to this solution. 

1. Store data with huge capacity

Store data to SD/TF card ( storage: 8GB-64GB), no worry about loses of data because of full storage. Easy to use, you can extend storage by yourself.

2. Data transfer with different packet

Set tracking data as  different packets and transfer to the server. Of course, packet and normal data transfer at different time, to make sure no interference. 

3. Confirm message from server

To ensure data sending to server successfully, a confirm message will be sent to the tracer. or else, tracker resend data again. 

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  1. Wireless Tracking 回复

    Our Gps Tracking Devices Work When Gps logging is active that’s why we can use it as a Gps logger, it will store all tracking data in micro sd card, which can be later downloaded to any Pc. 1 GB micro sd card have enough space to easily record 300,000 waypoints. To set Pre-defined Virtual perimeter safe Zone the Geo-Fence control is being used in our devices, with it the tracker will alert you by sending a text message when the tracker leaves the safe Zone. So there is not an option left to losing tracking data by using our standard tracking devices.

    • oner team 回复

      Hello Sir,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes. i totally agree with you. That is what tracker with data logging do.

      According to our experience, fleet company prefer to check report online, our technical team upgrade this data logging feature. Except extended storage ( 8GB-64GB Micro SD card), data packet reload feature is also available, to make sure no data lose because of transmission interference. And our server will send a confirm message after getting all tracking data.

      We can communicate with each other for the data logging.



  2. Ashley Beth 回复

    Thanks for explaining the points of losing GPS Tracker data. It helped us a lot.

    • oner team 回复

      Hello Ashley,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We will keep sharing related article with you.


      Oner team

  3. Trak N Tell 回复

    Thanks for sharing useful information about GPS tracking data. It will help readers understand how to ensure no loses of tracking data.

    • oner team 回复

      Hello sir,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We will keep sharing useful information.


      Oner team

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