Why don’t use wifi GPS tracker in daily fleet tracking?


Why don’t use wifi GPS tracker in daily fleet tracking? 

Wifi service are quite common in life, you can connect wifi and surf the internet in airport, shopping mall, library,etc. Some countries already build wifi city,  it allows you to connect free wifi in the street. etc, then people who use GSM/GPS tracker for their cars ask why don’t use GPS tracker with wifi in daily fleet tracking. After all, wifi is better than GSM. 

 Is that possible to use wifi to do the tracking ?  

A: GPS tracker uses GSM network to transfer data and send command, WIFI of course can do that. What is more,  WIFI is faster and more stable than GSM, you don’t have to worry about the issue caused by unstable GSM network.

To make GPS tracer support wifi, you need to add wifi chips to device, or connect a external wifi component.

B: To track your cars with WIFI, it required WIFI network with a range of coverage. However, you can not make sure everywhere support wifi. When the car enter remote areas, no wifi at all, you lose the tracking at once.  Even if the wifi city, there are still some areas without WIFI network.

So we can do the tracking with wifi, and if you need real time tracking, that will be difficult thing indeed. But that does not mean wifi is useless in GPS tracking industry, you still can use it in different application.

1) wifi GPS tracker with data logging

Store location info to the TF card, and upload to the tracking system when the car enter the area with wifi. No need SIM card at all, no extra cost. 

2) Real time tracking by mobile hotspots

If you need real time tracking with wifi indeed, you may try this new solution from oner. 

Add mobile hotspot, GPS tracker connects these mobile hotspots to do the real time tracking.  The GSM capability of mobile is better than GPS trackers, you may get better tracking.  In this case, you need driver to set up hotspot and add it

For more detail, please contact with us. 

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    • oner team 回复

      Hi sir, Thanks for your comments.

  2. Christiaan Ellis 回复

    Good day.

    Could you please send me more information about the Wifi tracking system. Pictures, description and prices.
    Could your system be integrated to our current software application?

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    • oner team 回复

      Hello Christiaan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Our manager will contact you and send you the information you need.

      Thanks and best regards

      Oner team

  3. Asti 回复

    GPS tracking is most useful in today’s world for safety.
    Thanks for sharing

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