Which one should you choose? free GPS tracking service or build your own tracking system

GPS Tracking service

Which one should you choose?  free GPS tracking service or build your own tracking system. 

For the new one entered GPS tracking industry, tracking system is necessary for them. Generally, there are 2 ways, Get a free GPS tracking service or build own system. Then which one is good ? here is the difference between them, and hope this can give you some reference.

Free GPS tracking service

You don’t have to pay extra cost, and you can benefits a lot from selling of tracking device and service cost.  At the beginning of your tracking business, that is enough for you, as the clients just required simple tracking. This service is also available even you just buy sample.  No need to pay more for preparing the inventory. 

When time goes by, your business grows, and  things change. 

1) Your clients required more, like fuel monitoring, RFID control, anti-jamming, speed limitation, etc. When you talk with the provider, you would find that they become “not so nice”. Yes, they starts taking charge for applications customization. If you have a good relationship with providers, they may active some for free. but you still have to make a good and long communication with them. 

2) You are not the only one who use this free tracking system.

When the amount of users and devices make the server out of limitation, system or server have to upgrade.  You will find that system become worse than before, offline, can not login,not update, etc.You may find another provider for back up. but you would find they are in the same situation. More more people use free system, more pressure to the system. As a result, system providers keep upgrading the server with cost, and they have to take charge on it. You will change provider. 

Build your own tracking system

Get full control to your device and system after building your own system. No any limitation from the provider.

This system only has your device and user, no such many like provider’s,  out of limitation do not gonna happen. It will not bring any bad effect to your business.

You can get full control, so many applications can use directly, no need a long communication with provider, no MOQ requirements.

However, t is not suggest if you build it at the beginning. Except the huge cost, you still need to prepare lots of things. They included: server, domain, network, control room, staff. etc.  You also have to pay more attention in system management. 

According to above difference between them, i think you already know what should choose. In our opinion,  it is necessary to have your own system, that will make a grate help to your business. At first, you can use the free account for a time, the duration is 6-12 months. After that, you can  prepare for your own tracking system.   What do you think? 

For more info about GPS tracking, please visit: http://onertrack.com 

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