Heavy Equipment GPS tracking and management

heavy equipment GPS tracking

Heavy Equipment GPS tracking and management

Heavy machinery, another significant business of supplying your customers with equipment they need. Only when all the equipment is running in top condition, you can benefit a lot from it. So it is necessary to track the operation of the equipment, and record the mileage and working time, to keep them running at efficiency.

However, these tasks are the headaches for the company, which cost too much. Oner real time tracking solution help you run the equipment without trouble.

Heavy Equipment GPS trackingHeavy equipment GPS tracking

The key point of  heavy equipment GPS tracking is to track the working status of equipment. For example, working time, mileage,  power, temperature, etc.  Oner GPS tracker supports 5 output, 5 input, 2 analog input, 3 USB ports, it is possible to track more to your equipment. Oner GPS tracker already track the voltage of beacons in the sea.

What is more, alert notifying will be sent out via text or email for any change of the equipment.

Equipment maintenance

Keep checking the work hours or mileage each day, and decide when to do maintenance to the equipment ?  Check the maintenance plan, in order not to miss the maintenance? Now with oner GPS tracking device, no need such operation.  What you need to do is to set a condition of maintenance, mileage, working hours or specify date. When equipment fulfill the condition, tracking device will send you reminding message.

Trends analytics

Have to correct the data from the equipment by manual,and do lot of paper work for trends analytics?

Through oner online tracking software, you can get working reports of equipment with details.  Save lots of time to do other things else, which are good for company conduction.


Geofence and POI feature allows you to set a area for the equipment. If they are removed out of area, you can get notification in time and take a positive action. Live tracking also help retrieve the stolen equipment.


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