Intelligent Home Alarm System HA03

The home alarm system from oner adopts SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm remotely. The system can be set delayed-arm. When a signal is detected by detectors, the detectors will send alarm signal to host immediately, then the host sends alarm SMS to its pre-set mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials its pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically and drive wiretap. In addition, users can dial the system and set it in arm/disarm mode by any remote phones. 
home alarm



1. GSM alarm transmission, without connecting telephone lines
2. Adapt wavecom double frequency GSM module
3. Nine guarding zones

  • wireless panic alarm zone x 1
  • wireless fire alarm zone x 1
  • external power failure alarm zone x 1
  • User-defined zones x 6

4. Standby rechargeable back up battery
5. Support 3 arm setting modes
6. Report the guarding zones by SMS or voice and monitor the voice remotely
7.  arm / disarm, set the host by wireless keyboard, SMS or any phone.
8. You can increase / decrease detectors
9. Connect with the alarm center through GSM network


Home alarm x 1
PIR sensor x 1
Siren x 1
Remotes x 2
Wireless keypad x 1
Power adapter x 1 
Door/Windows magnetic contact  x 1 

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