• Oner Speed Governor

    Oner speed governor OCT600-SG3 is designed for car, to keep speeding accident away. It combines speed governor with GPS. Except easy speed control mode, you can get user-friendly features, like quick configuration, reminding. etc. What is more, it supports speeding data store and report export. All speeding events will be shown and you will know who cause the accident. And with GPS, it allows you to manage all the cars in schedule.

    New update is here. You can download speed data via any USB disk.

    No need complicate operation, just connect converter with governor and insert USB disk to download the data. 

    Just hide the governor, and put the converter anywhere you can see, save time. It is easy for government staff to get the data.

    Oner speed governor is highly recommended in fleet and logistic company, car rental service, private car tracking, car security, etc.

  • Core Features:

    oner speed governor
    Speed limitation by mechanical way

    Connect speed governor to car accelerator pedal directly, Speed down the car by mechanical way.

    Speed limitation
    Work in all types of vehicles

    Connect to accelerator,no wiring to fuel system, control speed by mechanical way, work in all types of vehicle, no matter it uses E-GAS system or not.

    oner speed governor

    Speeding report with anti-tamper design

    All speed data will be stored and exported as a report by special tools, no one can modify without permission, to protect speeding data.

    What is more, it allows you to download speed report via any USB disk, not cutomize tools.


    speed governor voice speaker

    Voice reminding while speeding (option)

    Remind driver to slow down by voice while speeding, rather than alarm noise, no scare to driver, more user-friendly.





    GPS trackingReal time tracking
    Tracking your car any time, you can get location info via SMS, online tracking system, tracking APPs.
    car securityMultiple alerts for car safety
    Provide multiple alerts include SOS alert, movement alert, speed alert, fence alert, to notify car owner in time, and protect the car.
    ICON-43Detail history reports
    Store all location data to the SD card (storing duration: > 6 months) export as a report for fleet management.
    GPS TimeWorking time setting
    Set working time for each driver and car. If any one drives the car at non working time, alert active. It is helpful in reduce private jobs.
    fuel monitoringFuel Monitoring (option)
    Get daily fuel consumption of each car, fuel graph will show details.
    lbs trackingLBS Tracking Mode
    Switch to LBS tracking mode while no GPS signal. Keep tracking your car all the time.
    SIM Card Balance Inquiry
    Get to know the balance of SIM card in the tracking devices.
    GPS vehicle tracker maintenance Vehicle maintenance reminding
    Remind you to do vehicle maintenance by SMS and system in time.
    App for GPS car trackerTracking by free APPs
    Track all your cars by tracking APPs. It is free now
    Fleet managementFleet info and admin No.s Config
    It allows you to config info for each car, and set admin numbers. Only Admins can manage all the cars.
  • Specification


    Oner speed governor



    Charging voltage+9V – +35V / 1.5AGPS ChipsetLatest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
    Back up battery550mAh lithium-ion batteryOperating temp-20°C to 55°C
    Humidity5%–95%GPS Sensitivity158Db
    LED indicator2 indicators show GSM/GPS statusGPS FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
    Channels20 channel all-in-view trackingInterface2 input and 1 output
    Velocity Accuracy0.1 m/sPosition Accuracy10 m, 2D RMS
    Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSMTime Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time




    GPS tracker OCT600Speed limiter & controller
    Power I/O cable GPS Antenna
    GSM Antenna
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