Oner GPS Tracking System

A web-based fleet tracking and management system designed to integrate with your entire business, provide complete solutions for your fleet, to ensure your daily work be more effective. 

Oner GPS tracking system
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More Features For GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Live Track All Device: Track all the vehicles in multiple screens, it allows you to see each car in single screen, easy to track and manage.

    Navigation & Dispatch: Tell the driver how to go according to the instruction from navigation feature. If new task is here, you can dispatch the car close to the destination on the map


  • Multiple alerts for safety: Detect car status in real time. and notify for any change of car status. It includes engine on, speeding, Geo-fence, etc, it also support alert definition.

    Online photograph: Take photo to the car while car moving, let you know what happen in the car. Take photo when car is stolen, you can see who did it. It is helpful in stolen car recovery. 

    Online Control: Send command to control the car via online, once you found that it is stolen

  • Geo-fence & POI:  When any car enters any forbidden fence or POI, notification will be sent to you.  Make sure vehicle not go to somewhere and lead to destination on time.

    History Playback: Replay one or more vehicle’s route history for specific dates and follow the actual route taken by drivers.

    Driver management: When events occur, it let you know who did it. Help to reduce bad driving behaviors. It includes: reckless driving, speeding, not belt up seat blet, etc.

    Multiple reports for data analytic: With fleet data securely stored, you can run different reports to uncover insightful trends, and make new plan for the company conduction

  • Fuel Monitoring: Tell you fuel consumption of each vehicle in daily. You can make a budget accordingly. Now dual fuel monitoring is available,you can detect fuel in truck with 2 fuel tank.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Plan:Set maintenance plan for each vehicle. and remind you in advance by email. No need a lot of paper work. .

What Else You Can Get ?


Time To Take A Action

As it is known, it is better to own the GPS tracking system  than the free web tracking platform service. Some companies still choose free  tracking service, the cost is the main reason.


  • When client need better service and you offer simple tracking, you just can watch them leaving. 
  • You keep talking about system upgrading with your service provider, and they just ignore. 
  • Win the business by price, and win a little benefit You don’t have to do like that.  

You do not have to be like that, time to build your own system. Win your business with better productivity and tracking service. Oner GPS tracking system is the one you need. 

              How To Get Free Oner GPS Tracking System?  

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