• RFID Vehicle Tracking Device OCT600-RFID

    OCT600-RFID is a  RFID vehicle tracking device  for fleet company.With its driver identification and tracking feature, fleet owner is able to identify which driver  did the bad driving. And all the events caused by bad driving will be recorded and exported as a report.  Of Course, the report show the driver info beside the events.

    This visibility allows fleet owner ability to identify inefficient and risky practices, such as :

    • change shift without notification
    • Excessive idling
    • Using company vehicles for personal reasons

    OCT600-RFID is highly recommended in logistic company, car rental service, taxi, bus company and etc.

    Core Features of RFID Vehicle tracking device:
    RFID car tracker

    Compulsory Driver Identify

    While doing identify, driver’s info will upload to the tracking system, fleet manager can know who drive the car.

    This driver identify is Compulsory.  The car can not start until driver identify is done


    RFID car tracker

    Working time scheduling

    Support setting 3 working times. Once engine is on at non working time, you will know who use company car for personal reason. It is helpful in reducing the chance of doing private jobs.

    Driving report

    Details driving report

    Driving report show the detail occured in some period of driving, include location, speed, events, as well as driver’s info. Fleet manger can identify drivers’ performance accordingly and take action before the driver make thing worse.





    GPS trackingReal time tracking
    Tracking your car any time, you can get location info via SMS, online tracking system, tracking APPs.
    car securityMultiple alerts for car safety
    Provide multiple alerts include SOS alert, movement alert, speed alert, fence alert, to notify car owner in time, and protect the car.
    ICON-43Detail driving reports
    Show driving detail in some period of driving, it allows manager to idenity driver performance and bad driving events.
    GPS TimeWorking time setting
    Set working time for each car. If any car is on at non working time, alert of illegeal drving will send to you in time.
    fuel monitoringFuel Monitoring (option)
    Get daily fuel consumption of each car, fuel graph will show details.
    Vehicle tracker RFIDEngine block by RFID
    Each time log out via RFID, engine will be blocked, no one can start the car before driver identify. .
    GPS vehicle tracker speed limitationSpeed Limitation
    Slow down your cars when they are speeding.
    GPS vehicle tracker maintenance Vehicle maintenance reminding
    Remind you to do vehicle maintenance by SMS and system in time.
    Driver Identify
    before driving, swiping IC card to RFID unit, drivers will log in and their info will show in the tracking system. 
    lbs trackingLBS Tracking
    Switch to LBS tracking mode while there is no GPS signal, keep vehicle tracking all the time.

    RFID vehicle tracking device



    Charging voltage+9V – +35V / 1.5AGPS ChipsetLatest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
    Back up battery550mAh lithium-ion batteryOperating temp-20°C to 55°C
    Humidity5%–95%GPS Sensitivity158Db
    LED indicator2 indicators show GSM/GPS statusGPS FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
    Channels20 channel all-in-view trackingInterface2 input and 1 output
    Velocity Accuracy0.1 m/sPosition Accuracy10 m, 2D RMS
    Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSMTime Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time




    GPS tracker OCT60012V/24V relayPower I/O cable GPS Antenna
    GSM Antenna RFID Main Unit2 PCS IC Card Or RFID Tag
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