• Bluetooth Car Tracker OCT900-T

    Bluetooth car Tracker offers a new level of GPS tracking. The special thing of this tracker is that can be used for a quick and convenient operation , and a complete protection and motoring to your cars.
    What you need is to make a click in the tracking app, no need complicate operation or commands. What is more,customization of Bluetooth car tracker is available, your special feature will be added to it.

    Bluetooth car tracker

    Complete connectivity with Bluetooth, active powerful alarm system

    Active alarm system by bluetooth:

    Auto lock car engine;

    Active an overall inspection mode. You will get notify for any change of your car status.


    Bluetooth car tracker
    Car control by Bluetooth APP

    Control door lock/unlock via Bluetooth APP. No worry about losing key.

    Very easy to operate, no complicate command, just need a click in the APP.





    GPS trackingReal time tracking
    Tracking your car any time, you can get location info via SMS, online tracking system, tracking APPs.
    car securityActive GPS alarm system by Bluetooth
    Enter inspection mode. Get alarm notify for any change of your car status
    ICON-43Detail history reports
    Store all location data to the SD card (storing duration: > 6 months) export as a report for fleet management.
    GPS TimeWorking time setting
    Set working time for each driver and car. If any one drives the car at non working time, alert active. It is helpful in reduce private jobs.
    fuel monitoringFuel Monitoring (option)
    Get daily fuel consumption of each car, fuel graph will show details.
    car controlLock engine, car door by Bluetooth
    Active alarm system, lock engine, car door, no one can drive your car. 
    GPS vehicle tracker speed limitationSpeed Limitation
    Slow down your cars when they are speeding.
    GPS vehicle tracker maintenance Vehicle maintenance reminding
    Remind you to do vehicle maintenance by SMS and system in time.
    car statusCar status detecting
    Tell you the car status in time ( engine on/off, car door, trunk open / close, idle, get shacking or not, etc)
    Fleet managementCar signal light control (option)
    It allows you to control car signal light. And If tracker detects any change of your car status, car signal light start blinking
    Vehicle tracker RFIDRFID driver identify (option)
    Do identify before driver starting the car. To improve driver management
    Vehicle tracker phtographicAuto photographic (option)
    It allows you to see what driver do in the car.


    Charging voltage+9V – +35V / 1.5AGPS ChipsetLatest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
    Back up battery550mAh lithium-ion batteryOperating temp-20°C to 55°C
    Humidity5%–95%GPS Sensitivity158Db
    LED indicator2 indicators show GSM/GPS statusGPS FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
    Channels20 channel all-in-view trackingInterface5 input and 5 output, 2 AD, 3 USB port
    Velocity Accuracy0.1 m/sPosition Accuracy10 m, 2D RMS
    Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSMTime Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time



    Bluetooth tracking device

    GPS tracker OCT900-BT12V/24V relayPower I/O cable
    GPS Antenna
    GSM AntennaBluetooth Receiver
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