Total Radio Systems Ltda

Total Radio Systems Ltda, a comprehensive service provider for fleet vehicle  management. Since 2006, TRS implemented new service: GPS fleet tracking for fleet and driver management.

By GPS fleet tracking solution, TRS knows where the clients’ cars are at any  time. It is also able to find ways to decrease cost for client company itself. For example,  predicting with remarkable accuracy the delivery times.

Being oner regional vendor, new GPS fleet tracking system make improvement to TRS service. With customized GPS tracking features, it is able to combine camera, RFID, Bluetooth to GPS tracker. And the online tracking system with power assign feature,TRS make Clients’ company routine work be more smoother.

A lot of clients get benefits from TRS GPS fleet tracking service. Most of them can save money via the ability to audit idle times. lengthy delivery stops, daily fuel consumption, etc. What is more, indirect benefits are exhibited that they are monitoring drivers’ performance. It is helpful in reduce the problems from bad driving behaviors.


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TRS is a services provider company, founded in 1996. With more than 10 years in the service of radio communications in our country. We are the only company in the country that offers since 2002 AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) trough radio, using the platform of Trunking communication.

As a characteristic of our company, we are always looking for new technologies to bring to Bolivia. Since August 2006 we implemented our new service, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) with GPS. This service has national and international coverage,  using GPRS cellular platform, satellite Imarsat System and cellular roaming.



GPS Fleet tracking



Company name: Total Radio Systems Ltda

Address: Juan Manuel Loza 1906 La Paz, Bolivia

Telephone: 914724294

Email: info@totalradios.com

Company Webiste: www.totalradios.com  www.trs.com.bo


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