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GPS Speeding report exporting

Speeding report exporting   ONER GPS speeding report GPS speed governor provides data storing features.  it stores the speeding data automatically to the SD/TF card, as well as car status. You can set data storing time interval according to the requirements (minimum time interval: 5 sec). No matter speed governor is online or not, it will keep storing these data  When the car is back, you can connect speed gover
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Improve driver management

Improve driver management  –Oner RFID GPS Tracking Solution RFID GPS car tracker will set constraints to the drivers: Do identify before starting the car, or else, car won’t start, even driver has the key; Driver just can drive the registered cars only. So when the car starts, You will see the car location with driver info in the online software.  Once any event occurs, vehicle GPS tracker will detect it
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