GPS speed governor

voice remind

Voice remind during speed limitation  by speed governor You use GPS speed governor to speed down the car. However, you do not have to do that every time. That is because too frequent speed control may bring unknown troubles to the car.  If driver can slow down before speed limitation, that will be better. Reminding feature will be a good choice to resolve this issue.  Current reminding way is to set a siren or alarm.
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User-friendly service

More user-friendly service  Voice reminding of speed limitation device Speed limitation is an effective way to fix speeding issue.  However, sudden speed control may bring dangers to the car and drivers. Reminding is a kind of solution, driver can hear sound reminding,  but for common speed governor, this feature works so unfriendly. It connects with a siren. When speed limit starts, a siren will make a loud sound. A
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GPS speed limiter with anti tamper

GPS speed limiter and Anti-tamper GPS speed limiter from Oner supports anti-tamper setting, includes:  Speed limit value setting: You can set speed value via special command. You will be the only one to know this command. And there are several ways for anti-tamper.  Change password;you can change the password of commands. No one will know that except you. If you forget the password, you can get it back by command.  S
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