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OTA GPS Car tracker

OTA GPS Car Tracker Update your tracking device over the air any time More and more people accept GPS car tracking device, to protect and track their cars. When people need more service,  product update becomes a problem. As we know, common GPS tracker can update via computer only, and it takes cost if you remove the device from the car. We can use OTA function to fix this issue.  OCT600 is the first  OTA GPS car tra
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Work with all types of vehicles

Work with all types of vehicles Advanced GPS speed governor When you want to drive fast, you need to press the gas pedal, and throttle system will provide more fuel to engine.  There are 2 kinds of throttle system. 1). traditional throttle system:  mechanical links between the gas pedal and the throttle 2). Electronics throttle system: EGAS, use electronics relays to control fuel. EGAS use widely in modern cars, but
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GPS Speed Limitation

GPS SPEED GOVERNOR–SPEED LIMITATION “Speeding is the major cause of accidents in our roads  and we have to look for all possible ways in curbing this menace, ”  the chairman of the NTSA in Kenya said. Speed control is necessary to reduce accidents in the roads. Except that, we also need to know the details of the cars, like current location, speed, etc, and then when accident occur, we can offer help in time. 
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Increase return on investment

Increase Return On Investment By Oner RFID GPS tracker  RFID GPS tracker with IC cards will be installed to all the cars, to fulfill the requirements in car tracking. And they can help you to improve working effective, and increase return on investment. Online tracking:   You can see locations of all the cars in real time. No matter where they are now, you also can build a control room if you have over 100 cars.  Off
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MMS Tracking

MMS Tracking  MMS Tracking You use GPS tracker to protect their cars, and you can check details of your car via text message. For example: It tells you that some one is driving your car without  What if that one remove tracker in car? you will lose contact to the car, and get the last text message from external power cut alert.  But only text message, it will not bring much help in this case.  MMS tracking is the sol
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Vehicle data tranfer

Vehicle Data Transfer By Bluetooth GPS Device To increase return on investment, as company owner,  you need details of company operation. Fleet data is one of most important statistic. What it include: Historical driving,  vehicle status, driver performance, events. You can make new company policy or plan for improving working effective. And monthly data collection is so necessary. But there are at least 15-20 vehicl
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fleet management

Fleet management

Dual SIM GPS tracker Enhance fleet management With dual SIM GPS tracker, it is possible to manage the cars and drivers when they are in another country now. Working time setting: Set schedule for each car, If any driver do not drive according to the schedule,  fleet owner will know that. For example, the car should be back at 20:00, but in fact, driver used company car to do part time jobs.  So in this case, fleet ow
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