GPS tracking

User-friendly service

More user-friendly service  Voice reminding of speed limitation device Speed limitation is an effective way to fix speeding issue.  However, sudden speed control may bring dangers to the car and drivers. Reminding is a kind of solution, driver can hear sound reminding,  but for common speed governor, this feature works so unfriendly. It connects with a siren. When speed limit starts, a siren will make a loud sound. A
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RFID GPS Tracking Report

RFID GPS Tracking Report for fleet management Once drivers do the identify, you can see their information and ID in  web based GPS tracking system. You also can check car details and drivier performance in the report.  You do not need to wait for car returning. all the information you need will show in the system report. This report is a reference for you to judge the performance of the drivers.   Check follow RFID G
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Driver Identify

 GPS Tracker with Driver identify  GPS tracker make grate help in fleet management. It offers many useful information as a statistic.  But can not make you clear in responsibility of cases. For example, speeding ticket. You may get 5 tickets in a day, but there are over 8 drivers driving this car at that time, who did it?  GPS tracker will tell you alert only.  Driver performance is another important thing for fleet
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GPS Tracking Customized

GPS Tracking Customized service GPS Tracking customized service are ready for CT02-RFID, includes  Features customization  IC card design  Features customization  With built-in high capacity CPU , RFID GPS Tracker can accept  more programs than before. Now what we have is :   RTC program: Real time clock. When tracker lose GPS signal,  GPS time stop at the same time, and RTC will correct the time.  You can make follo
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MMS GPS Tracking Modes

Multiple MMS GPS Tracking Modes There are multiple MMS GPS tracking modes for fleet management: Send photo to the tracking system and save as picture report Send photo to smart phone via MMS Store photo to SD card Mode 1: For daily delivery, you need to know the detail history of the cars, to prevent no safety driving. History report is not enough, the better is to check what happen in the car.  So it is necessary to
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