Vehicle data tranfer

Bluetooth GPS device

Vehicle Data Transfer By Bluetooth GPS Device

To increase return on investment, as company owner,  you need details of company operation. Fleet data is one of most important statistic. What it include: Historical driving,  vehicle status, driver performance, events. You can make new company policy or plan for improving working effective. And monthly data collection is so necessary. But there are at least 15-20 vehicles for common fleet company. It takes too many time and cost to collect data via computer one by one. What we need is  an high-efficient way.  Oner Bluetooth GPS device can let you get these data easily. 

You do not have to arrange technicians to collect data via computer one by one.  You just need to go close to the cars, and run the GPS tracker APP.  Bluetooth GPS tracker will start data downloading, and then transfer to your phone. These data can export as a PDF document and save in your computer.

The whole process of data transfer is so simple, no need to make any extra connection to the car. No complicate operation, just need a click in the tracker APP. No need to arrange many staffs to do it. cost less and high efficient. 



Date: 九月 28, 2015
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