Customized Bluetooth GPS Tracker

Bluetooth GPS tracker

Customized Bluetooth GPS tracker

Bluetooth GPS tracker  CT03-BT supports high capacity hardware and software. It is possible to do features extension and customization now.

Technical specification:

CPU: Memory 128 KB-can customize more powerful functions, for example, data transfer by Bluetooth

Multiple Input and output:Support 5 inputs and 5 outputs. Bluetooth tracker can add more functions in car control and status detecting. Include:

  • air conditioning controls by Bluetooth
  •  trunk control
  • car power detecting
  • car light status detecting
  • …………

Bluetooth: high capacity Bluetooth chip-set. It supports high transfer speed and stable connection (max connect distance: 15 meter) . Quick response to command, no need to wait for the response time like SMS command. 

Meanwhile,  The customization to Bluetooth tracker app is also available. You just need to offer the requirements in function and interface, our team will crate the app you need

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