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Quick stolen car recovery by GPS tracker

Car stolen is a common all over the world, people lose one car every 10 sec. That is why so many car alarm system install.

Unfortunately, It does not bring better result. The theft already know how to remove it in a short time.

Portable GPS tracker, with smaller size, which can hide to the car, it is not so easy to find. 

What if the theft finds the tracking device, what we need is the alert and quick recovery.

Alert: engine on alert.

Quick recovery: Tracking system, APP, and stop car functions

When the theft is stealing the car, he need to open car door and start engine. In this case, car door/engine on alert active. And car owner will get alert message, and stop the car via tracking system or app. No complicate operation, high-efficient and improve car security. 

Stop car while moving may cause crash, what to do?

GPS tracker connects with fuel control line ( not engine).

 It will cut the fuel supply , and car still can move forward  with remain fuels. 

In other words,  this feature just make car stop slowly until remain fuel run out. Rather than engine cut, it will not cause crashing. 

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