Driver Identify

Driver Identify

 GPS Tracker with Driver identify 

GPS tracker make grate help in fleet management. It offers many useful information as a statistic.  But can not make you clear in responsibility of cases.

For example, speeding ticket. You may get 5 tickets in a day, but there are over 8 drivers driving this car at that time, who did it?  GPS tracker will tell you alert only. 

Driver performance is another important thing for fleet management. Driver behaviors will cause huge lost to you. Like drive company’s car to do private job.

Oner combine GPS tracker and RFID technology, and set constraints to driver. 

How GPS Tracking with RFID to work

Before driving the car, it is necessary to do identify,or else, he can not start the car.  Driver swipes IC card to the RFID main unit,  and device will send driver’s info and ID to the tracking system. You will see who is driving the car. so once any event occur,  this device will active alert, and tracking software will show alert wave, you can know who drive car with no safety. 

 This Solution is highly recommended in logistic and fleet company, car rental company, taxi,etc. 

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