Dual SIM GPS Tracking

Dual SIM GPS tracking


As you know ,more and more people accept GPS tracker as the protector of the car.   For example,  fleet companies can always keep fleet tracking in the control room.

However, things different when the car enter another country. 

when the car enters another country, car will lose contact. That is because no matched GSM network for GPS tracker. And then what could happen?  

car stolen or robbery, lost cargo, driver steal the car and cargo, or crash?  

You never know what happen next, and the cost associated with can be crushing. 


Dual SIM GPS tracking device OCT800-D is designed for such case. It supports dual SIM auto switch feature.

When car enters another country, device will switch to the second SIM card, and connect to network. 

You can do the real time tracking via online tracking platform or app. Improve car security and fleet management.  

No need to active roaming service. No roaming cost. 


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