Fleet management

dual sim GPS tracker

Dual SIM GPS tracker

Enhance fleet management

With dual SIM GPS tracker, it is possible to manage the cars and drivers when they are in another country now.

Working time setting:

Set schedule for each car, If any driver do not drive according to the schedule,  fleet owner will know that. For example, the car should be back at 20:00, but in fact, driver used company car to do part time jobs. 

So in this case, fleet owner can get alert, dual SIM GPS tracker can stop the car at once. It is helpful in reducing the chance of doing private jobs. 

Route setting and divert alert:

Fleet owner can set route via tracking system , if the driver go to a wrong way, divert alert will active.

POI setting:

All the destinations can be set as POI on the map. When the cars get close to POIs, alert active.  Fleet own can know if the car arrive the destination according to the schedule.

Multiple Alerts and reports:

It includes speeding alert, Geo-fence alert, movement alert ,etc.

Fleet owner can warn the driver when these alerts active, before causing traffic accident.  And details reports will show who drive that car when bad driving event occur. It is quite good in reducing bad driving behaviors and improving management. 

Beside, online control is available.  If any thing happen in another country, you can control the car via online tracking platform, or dispatch another one for help. 

GPS Tracker APP is another good solution for transnational tracking. It supports SMS GPS tracker app and online tracking app. 


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