fuel Tracking


Precise Fuel Tracking

GPS tracker OCT600 supports analog digital input, which used to connect with fuel level sensor, fuel tracking is available now in OCT600.

  • Technology Specification:

    GPS Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
    C/A Code:1.023 MHz chip rate
    Channels: 20 channel all-in-view
    Position Accuracy: 10 m, 2D RMS
    Velocity Accuracy:0.1 m/s
    Default datum: WGS-84
    Analog digit input Accuracy: 0.1%

    It is much higher than current analog digit input, it is possible to customize feature with high requirement to AD, and connect with external sensor for tracking solution, such as fuel tracking solution .

  • OCT600 supports 2 tracking ways:

    GPS fuel tracking
    1. connect with fuel gauge
    Get fuel data from the car directly, connect cable of fuel gauge to AD of GPS tracker, no need to connect with external devices;

    2. connect with fuel sensor
    install fuel sensor to fuel tank and get fuel data, more stable, and keep fuel tracking when the car is off.

  • All fuel data will be sent to the tracking system, you can see fuel level in real time, and check daily fuel consumption in fuel graph report

    GPS fuel tracking

  • Lost fuel alert

    When some one is stealing your fuel, the fuel level will keep going down in a short time, OCT600 can detect this change and active alert, lost fuel alert message will be sent to car owner, you also can add a siren to make a sound to warn others around there.

    Many powerful accessories can be added to OCT600, for improving anti-fuel stolen, such as camera, voice reminder,etc, if you have any fresh idea, please tell us, we can customize for you.


Date: 十月 26, 2015
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