GPS Tracking by Bluetooth

 GPS Bluetooth Tracking

GPS Bluetooth Tracking

Some cases you may meet in daily:

  • Your car get hits from some new driver while parking.
  • Some children play games on your car
  • Forget to lock the car door
  • …………..

when these cases happen, you are not there and do not know who did it. The worse thing is that you have to pay for maintenance cost, and get huge lost when the car is stolen. 

Generally, GPS tracker with security functions could fix these problems. For example, forget to lock the car door, if any one open car door, you will get alert message. However, it does not bring better result, complicate operation is the main reason. 

Take car door security as an example

To get notification when any one open your car door, except wire connection, the things you have to do are:

  • set notification number
  • active door open alert
  • enter arm mode. 

and what if you forgot to lock car door, you also need to know the command of control door lock/unlock. 

It is too difficult for user to make these functions work. 

GPS Bluetooth tracking device use a different way, no so many commands, no complicate operation. what you need is to make connection between Bluetooth and tracking device in car,  and then make a click in tracker APP. User can operate it by himself without any trouble. improve vehicle security. 


Date: 九月 18, 2015
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