GPS speed limiter with anti tamper

GPS speed limiter anti-tamper

GPS speed limiter and Anti-tamper

GPS speed limiter from Oner supports anti-tamper setting, includes: 

  • Speed limit value setting:

You can set speed value via special command. You will be the only one to know this command. And there are several ways for anti-tamper. 

  1. Change password;you can change the password of commands. No one will know that except you. If you forget the password, you can get it back by command. 
  2. Set admin number: you can set your phone number as admin number. GPS Speed limiter will accept the commands from you only, and the ones from other phones will be ignored. 

In this case, no one can change speed value, unless he is able to get your phone and the command with your own password. 

  • Report of GPS speed limiter:

All speed data is encrypted, even if some one get them, he can not read or modify.  speeding report can be exported only by dedicated device or software from the government. without them, no one can check the report. 

Beside that,  customization is ready for you. If you think that is not enough for anti-tamper, we can add the one you required to the speed limiter, enhance productivity. 

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