GPS Speeding report exporting

GPS Speeding

Speeding report exporting


ONER GPS speeding report

GPS SpeedingGPS speed governor provides data storing features.  it stores the speeding data automatically to the SD/TF card, as well as car status. You can set data storing time interval according to the requirements (minimum time interval: 5 sec).

No matter speed governor is online or not, it will keep storing these data 

When the car is back, you can connect speed governor with dedicated device, and export as a report. 

  • This report will tell you the details of this car. include driver’s name, car ‘s info, car status, speed, the times of speeding, events. You can see if any driver do speeding driving, and how many time active speed limitation. 


  • When crashing occur, you and police can read the data directly, and then you can know who should take responsibility to this traffic accident. 


Speed governor support anti-tamper feature, no need to worry about tamper issue.  


Speeding report for driver management

Driver’s behavior is one of the main reason of traffic accident. some drivers will drive fast to complete the task as soon as possible. So in this case, the more time fast driving, the more chance of crashing. 

This GPS speeding report is useful tool to reduce such behavior. You can check the report every week or month, if any driver often does fast driving, you can know it. With this report, you can talk with him/her or take action to fix such problem. It is helpful in stopping driver not safety driving.


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