GPS tracking and car security

GPS tracking and car security

Comprehensive GPS Tracking and car security 

GPS Tracker OCT600 supports comprehensive GPS tracking and car security features:

Main Features:

  • 1. Live tracking
    2. Track by time interval
    3. Google map link inquiry for location
    4. Detail address inquiry

    You can get current location with detail address or a map link ( click it , you will see the car on map), and do real time tracking via online tracking system.

  • 5. SOS alert
    6. Speeding alert
    7. Geo-fence alert
    8. Movement alert
    9. Illegal engine on alert

    Multiples alerts will give you notification in time in case of trouble, for example, when you get speeding alert, you can call to driver to slow down before it causing traffic accident; Geo-fence alert will tell you the car enters or leaves areas without allowance; illegal engine on alert will keep your car safety, when you get it, some one is driving your car, send command to stop it. 

  • 10. Engine status (on/off) detection
    11. Engine on report
    12. Mileage calculation

    Getting engine status will help to know the car status. For example, if engine is on, but no speed, car is idling, you need to call the driver to stop it; Engine on report will give you message too when it is on, so if you get such message at mid night, you should call the police.

  • 13. Remote engine/fuel cut

    If the car is stolen, you can use this function, it will stop the car slowly, rather than sudden stop, which will not cause crashing.

Date: 十月 26, 2015
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