GPS Tracking Applications

Multiple GPS tracking applications

GPS Tracking applications of OCT600

GPS tracker OCT600 supports multiple tracking applications, for making vehicle tracking and car security be more effective, user can select all or some of them to the car accordingly.

  • tracking systemONER GPS Tracking system: http://onergps.com (demo: oner, password:123)
    Support complete fleet management Solution.
    1. Live track all devices: track all vehicles in different sub-screens.
    2. Real time traffic status and navigation:Tracking system map will show traffic status by different colors(green yellow red), and fleet owner in control room can give guides to drivers, navigation features also can tell driver the suitable route.
    3.Multiple alerts and report: notify user once car is in trouble in time. For the alert cause by bad driving behaviors, alert report will tell you who did that.
    4. Simple online control: control car via online command, you can stop car moving remotely 
  • tracking app

    Oner SMS tracking app offer an easy way to track and control all the vehicles, just need a click in the app, no need to know complicate command or operation, no GPRS cost, no connection to server, it is suitable for the company in the area with bad GPRS network and high cost  in  GPRS. You can control all the vehicle in this APP, and support APP customization, all your requirements can be fulfilled.

  • GPRS tracking appAnother version tracking APP, connect with online tracking system,  you can use the same login ID and password to login, in this app, you can:

    No need to add the device again.

    Get current location on the map

    Do remote control

    Check vehicle status


Date: 十月 26, 2015
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