GPS Tracking Customized

GPS Tracking customized

GPS Tracking Customized service

GPS Tracking customized service are ready for CT02-RFID, includes 

  • Features customization 
  • IC card design 

Features customization 

With built-in high capacity CPU , RFID GPS Tracker can accept  more programs than before.

Now what we have is : 

 RTC program: Real time clock. When tracker lose GPS signal,  GPS time stop at the same time, and RTC will correct the time. 

You can make follow features via RTC to improve car security.

  • Working time setting: 

You can set working time for each car. If any car does not come back in time, or it drives out  at non working time, alert will active,and then you can stop it. it is helpful in vehicle and driver management.

After your client pay for the car rent service, you can set rental time.

 when the time is up, you and your client can get message. He can decide to renew the contract or not.If yes, you can send SMS command to enlarge the rental time. No need to call back the car. 

And clients have no chance to keep using the car again when the contract ends. Device will lock the car until client renew, driver can not use the car even with the key. 

IC Card Design

You can print driver info to the IC card, which includes photo, name, tel number, license, etc. 

You can select the one you like from over 100 templates, or tell us the requirements, we will make the IC card you want.

 IC card can represent your corporate image, good IC card will increase customer impression. 


Date: 十月 16, 2015
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