GPS Vehicle Maintenance

GPS vehicle maintenance


Vehicle Maintenance is an important part for fleet company. It is another big cost associated with company car can be crushing. 

It will cost more when you find that any car has problems and then do maintenance. 

so It is necessary to do daily GPS vehicle status detection. 

Oner GPS Tracker for car can keep detecting vehicle status, include:

  • Engine: detect engine status (on/off), and calculate the duration of engine working
  • Car battery:  detect car battery voltage. If voltage is too low, mean no enough power , it will send out alert to fleet owner. 
  • Fuel: get daily fuel consumption data.

And  GPS vehicle tracking software will show these data in the reports. These reports can be reference of vehicle maintenance plan. 

If there are too many cars to remember the time of maintenance, fleet owner can get remind via tracking software

Support 3 reminding conditions

engine working time:

you can set total engine time, like 100 hours. Then when the engine works over 100 hours, it reminds you to do maintenance.

total odometer:

In some countries, if the car moves over certain odometer, you must do maintenance for cars.  you can set total odometer, when it reaches odometer, reminding message will send to you.

certain date:

you can set certain date, when time is up. you also can get reminding.

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