GPS Vehicle scheduling

GPS Vehicle scheduling

GPS Vehicle scheduling

GPS vehicle scheduling with RFID

Make fleet managing be real simple.

Good fleet management requires reasonable scheduling to cars and drivers. And drivers need to work according to the schedule, but  some will work by their own ways:

  • Change the shift with other colleagues, but no notification to fleet owner;
  • Do not go back in time for next task, have to find another car to do it first;
  • Bad driving behaviors, increase risk of traffic accident and loss.
  • Drive company car for their own jobs.

All these will cause trouble for company and the cost associated with can be crushing. 

Oner RFID GPS tracking device forces driver to swipe the RFID tag to do identify, or else, car won’t start.  After identify, his info will send to the tracking system. So in this case

  • fleet owner will know that if one driver change the shift without allowance;
  • You will know car situation in real time,  there is no chance for driver to do any thing else;
  • You will know driver’s bad driving behaviors, and you also can see who cause events. 
  • CT02-RFID will tell you that some one is driving car at non-working time, you can stop the car remotely. 

this solution will set constraints to driver, no chance for driver to do by their own ways.  make fleet management be real simple, improve working effective

Date: 十月 16, 2015
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