MMS GPS Tracker advantage

MMS GPS Tracker

Advantage of MMS GPS Tracker 

MMS GPS tracker combines GPS tracking and photographing, allow you to track and control the car with less cost. 

Here is the difference between them car DVR, Vehicle monitor system and MMS GPS tracker :

ContentCar DVRVehicle monitor systemMMS Tracking
FormatVideo (local)Video (Online)MMS/Photo
EquimentsDVR1 mobile DVR+2-3 set camera1 GPS Tracker+ 1 camera
Car controlNoNoYes
GPS trackingNoYesYes
Snapshot by time intervalNONoYes
Snapshot when alert activeNoNoYes
StorageSD cardSD CardSD card/online system

According to the table, we can know

Car DVR : take video and store in the SD card, you have to remove the SD card and watch video in the computer when the car is back.

Vehicle Monitor system : support wifi/3G network, you can see online video.  With GPS module,  GPS tracking is available. Supports huge storage,  it can store more video.

This system requires 1 mobile DVR+ camera (2-3PCS) to each car. It is the highest product. And no control to the car. If any one steal the car, you can do nothing.

MMS GPS TRACKER:  Instead of taking video,  it supports take photo by time interval.  You  can see what happen in the car at real-time.  Except online tracking system, you can check photo in your phone by MMS feature.  Cost less,  just need 1 GPS tracking device with GPRS network,plus 1 camera. When alert active, you can know who did that at once. If any one steal the car, you can stop it remotely.It is helpful in fleet management and car security. 

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