MMS GPS Tracking Modes

MMS GPS Tracking Modes

Multiple MMS GPS Tracking Modes

There are multiple MMS GPS tracking modes for fleet management:

  1. Send photo to the tracking system and save as picture report
  2. Send photo to smart phone via MMS
  3. Store photo to SD card

Mode 1:

For daily delivery, you need to know the detail history of the cars, to prevent no safety driving. History report is not enough, the better is to check what happen in the car. 

So it is necessary to keep taking photo. In this case, you will see what driver do in the car via online tracking system

Mode 2: 

For special case, you can try mode 2, which support sending photo to smart phone via MMS.

For example.Set engine on  or illegal driving alert. If any one start the car to do  private job at night, alert active,  tracking device in car will take photo and send to your phone via MMS.

Mode 3: 

Good for  company with short-distance transportation or the area with bad GPRS network.  No need to check online. when the car is back, you can export the photos in the SD card and check in your computer. 

User can combine different modes according to the company situations.

  • Large fleet company with 24 hours control room can combine mode 1 & 3. Staffs can keep eyes to the cars all the time, and when the cars are back, you can export a report from SD card.
  • Small fleet company can prefer mode 1/2.  Track all the car online and check via your phone by MMS during off duty;  
  • private car owner can use MMS to check if any one steal the car or the child try to drive the car by himself.   

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