Take photo by time interval

MMS GPS tracking by time

MMS GPS Tracking in real time

Cargo delivery is the main business of fleet company. To make each transportation success, you need to know the follows:

  • driver behavior:  if the drivers deliver cargo according to the schedule? do they do private jobs?  drive car with bad driving behaviors? or the worse is to steal the cargo……?
  • Car tracking: where the car is now? how to control when something happen?…..

Oner  MMS GPS tracking device introduces useful feature: Taking photo by time interval.

You can send command to set time interval, and vehicle tracker will start to take photo. No matter what driver do in the car or any thing happen, you will see all clearly.

Your phone will get MMS photo, and you also can check them in the tracking software. Beside, storing photo in the SD card is another good choice if the local network is not so good.


Easy to operate, just need to send command;

Multiple ways to transfer photo: MMS, web, SD card. 

low GPRS cost. 

Faster transfer than videos. 

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