MMS Tracking

MMS Tracking

MMS Tracking 

MMS Tracking

You use GPS tracker to protect their cars, and you can check details of your car via text message.

For example:


Illegal driving alert !

ID=084512004, Plat No.=KHH-H35.


50km/h, 3000KM, 2015-10-1 19:00:15

It tells you that some one is driving your car without 

What if that one remove tracker in car?

you will lose contact to the car, and get the last text message from external power cut alert. 

But only text message, it will not bring much help in this case. 

MMS tracking is the solution oner provided for that.

Except text message, you also can get photo of theft when he want to steal your car. It works by MMS, you can check via your phone.

Mean while, you also can check the photo in the tracking system. 

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