Multiple features & applications

Dual SIM GPS vehicle tracker app

Multiple features and applications–Dual SIM GPS vehicle tracker

Dual SIM GPS vehicle tracker OCT800-D supports high capacity CPU ( memory: 128KB), except basic tracking features,  more powerful features can work in this device, 

Recommendable features:

  • Working time settings: make working schedule for the drivers, once any one do not work according to the schedule ( for example, do their own job by using company car), alert active, fleet manager can stop car, it is grate help in stopping private jobs.
  • Firmware Update OTA:  When your clients need new functions, you do not have to remove device from the car, add the function via OTA, save time and cost.
  • Speed limitation:  Slow down the speed and the stop car moving while speeding, reduce chance of traffic accident cause by speeding, no need to worry about speeding ticket.
  • Low  power alert: not back up battery low power alert, it detects car power status, if car power is low, that mean you need to check the car .
  • SIM card balance inquiry:  allow you to know the credit of SIM card in the tracker by SMS, easy to operate, no need to get the sim card and check.
  • Data store and export: Support SD card, all historical data can be stored and export as a report, it can be a proof of fleet and driver performance.
  • Plat No. setting:  add plat No. of car to the device, when some thing happen,  alert message with plat No. will be sent to fleet owner, you don’t have to check which car have problem like before, it is very convenient for company with many vehicles.


Beside, it support multiple applications, includes:

Web tracking system: http://onergps.com (login: oner, password;123) 

                                        http://www.24h-tracking.com ( login: onertest, password;1)

Android APP: SMS ver, GPRS ver. 

WAP tracking software: http://onergps.com/login.jsp/ 

With multiple features and applications, OCT800-D can offer full tracking to the cars,  work better than common GPS tracker, improve productivity and service,

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