Multiple GPS tracking applications

Best GPS Tracking


Multiple applications are ready now. It is the best GPS tracking to vehicles.

The follows are the applications you can use: 

  • Web based tracking platform: 
  •   http://onergps.com  ( demo: oner, password:123)     http://www.24h-tracking.com ( demo: onertest, password:1)
  • PC Tracking software.
  • Mobile Tracking Software. 
  • Smart phone  Tracking APP: Version SMS and GPRS

Tracking applications include full supports in GPS tracking and fleet management, for example: 

Historical trace report for each car:

Fleet owner will know the details of cars each journey, such as duration, location, speed, odometer, fuel,etc.

 That can help to make new schedule to all the cars .  It is helpful in improving work efficiency. 

GPS tracking with driver identify:

Tell fleet owner that any one is not driving safety. Force drivers to do well in driving

Reduce traffic violations and accident. .

GPS Fuel monitoring:

Tracking system shows daily fuel consumption of each car.

Plus real time tracking and event monitoring, it can reduce bad events, such as illegal stop, idling, illegal usage,etc. And then save more fuel and reduce cost.  

What is more, customize service to applications are also available. all you need is possible to add to them

It is much helpful in improving productivity and customer service much more than before. 

Date: 八月 13, 2015
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