OTA GPS Car tracker

OTA GPS car tracker

OTA GPS Car Tracker

Update your tracking device over the air any time

More and more people accept GPS car tracking device, to protect and track their cars. When people need more service,  product update becomes a problem. As we know, common GPS tracker can update via computer only, and it takes cost if you remove the device from the car. We can use OTA function to fix this issue.

 OCT600 is the first  OTA GPS car tracker from oner supporting 2 updating ways:

  • OTA:  You just need to send command, and do not touch device. And device will connect to anther server and download the firmware. After that, start updating. The whole process will take 3- 5 mins.
  • SD Card updating: insert a SD card with firmware to the tracking device. You also just need to send command to the tracker,  and it will upload the firmware from the SD card.  And start updating automatically.  By this way, it does not have to work with GPRS network. You can use it to update your device even if you are in the area with bad GPRS network.

Firmware update will improve your productivity and service.  For example, update MMS firmware. Your device will get MMS tracking function. You do not need to remove device from the car, just connect with a camera, your tracker become MMS GPS Tracker.  You can take photo and get it by MMS.  

What is more,  no any  inconvenience to your customers, this is what OTA GPS car tracker offer. 


Date: 十月 23, 2015
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