Improve driver management


Improve driver management 

–Oner RFID GPS Tracking Solution

RFID GPS car tracker will set constraints to the drivers:

  • Do identify before starting the car, or else, car won’t start, even driver has the key;
  • Driver just can drive the registered cars only.

So when the car starts, You will see the car location with driver info in the online software. 

Once any event occurs, vehicle GPS tracker will detect it and send to tracking system. You can know which driver is doing with no safety driving, and then take action before it bring more trouble. 

For example, driver will go to another place for some purposes, although you required them to drive the preset route. When this case happen, you can see divert route alert wave on the tracking map. And the tracking report will show you the driver’s name. 

When you and your staffs are off duty, driver may drive the car to do their own jobs.  In this case, RFID GPS tracking device offers new features-working time.

If any one drives the car at non working time,  you can get illegal driving alert at once, and stop the car moving.

As we can know now, RFID GPS car tracker can regularize driver’s behaviors. It reduces driving cases and stops private jobs, make driver management be so convenient. 

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