Increase return on investment

RFID GPS Tracker

Increase Return On Investment

By Oner RFID GPS tracker 

RFID GPS tracker with IC cards will be installed to all the cars, to fulfill the requirements in car tracking. And they can help you to improve working effective, and increase return on investment.

Online tracking:  

You can see locations of all the cars in real time. No matter where they are now, you also can build a control room if you have over 100 cars. 

Off duty tracking:

When you are off duty, SMS and GPRS tracking APP will still keep informing you the status  of the cars. you do not have to staring at a computer the whole day. 

Multiple security settings:  

support many alerts to protect your cars from different cases

  SOS alert:  

  drivers can call for help once they are in trouble;

  Door status detecting and open alert:  

  you don’t have to worry about car door opening or cargo stolen.

  Geo fence alert:  no worry about entering dangerous area, device will tell you in time

  Illegal engine on alert:  

  you have to take action if this alert active, some one is stealing your car, stop car features will stop it .        


Working time setting:

make vehicle scheduling be so convenient. And if some one drives the car at non working time, you can get notification at once, stop private jobs.

Driver Identify:  

driver has to do identify before driving, his info will  send to system. And you will know who use the car,  no matter when driver start the car. 

Driver report:  report will show you all the details of events. which can be a prove for proving this driver bring trouble to company. it is useful to regularize driving behaviors. 

Except protection and tracking to car, RFID GPS tracker offers full solution in fleet management. It regularize driver behaviors, reduce traffic events and stop private jobs,  reduce cost. All jobs will be done as a schedule basis, improve your productivity and service. 

Date: 十月 16, 2015
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