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Voice reminding of speed limitation device

Speed limitation is an effective way to fix speeding issue.  However, sudden speed control may bring dangers to the car and drivers.

Reminding is a kind of solution, driver can hear sound reminding,  but for common speed governor, this feature works so unfriendly.

It connects with a siren. When speed limit starts, a siren will make a loud sound. At this moment, driver concentrate on driving. This sudden sound have a big chance to scare driver and cause crashing. 

Oner GPS speed governor provides more user-friendly feature: voice reminding by voice reminder. 

You can make many voice records according to the different stages 


  • Stage 1: when the car is speeding, driver will hear a record “ you have been speeding, please speed down” .
  • Stage 2: If driver does not speed down in 15 sec, speed governor starts to work, and broadcast 2nd record. like ” attention please, start speed limitation”
  • Stage 3: When the speed is lower than preset value, speed limitation complete, you will hear a voice record. Like ” speed limitation complete, you can drive as normal”


It also support many languages, you can make a voice records with local language. 

With voice reminder, driver will hear a voice instead of loud siren sound, it will not scare the driver, and cause crash. 

This feature support OEM/ODM service, you can design speed limitation stages and voice records, our technician will add all you want to speed governor. 


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