Stop Private Jobs

mini GPS Tracker, stop private jobs


One of the headache things for fleet owner is private jobs. What if any one drives company car to do his own jobs, the cost associated with can be crushing,  why this happen again and again? the reason is that no constraint to driver, and no notification to fleet owner when such case happen. What we should do is to get to know in time.

Working time setting

Set working time for all the cars according to the schedule.

If any one drives car at working time,  fleet owner will get authorized driving message one time. 

And at non working time, no matter how many time car starts, fleet owner will know that.  

In this case, fleet owner can stop the car immediately.

What is more, online tracking system supports route diverting alert and POI feature. Once any one drives to another place, route diverting alert active, system will find and show it to fleet owner. Driver report will show who is not driving schedule on basis. 

Driver Identify

RFID GPS tracking solution with driver identify. That is the biggest help to stop private job.  Driver must do the identify, or else he can not start the car. And his info will show in the tracking software

In other words, fleet owner can know who drive the car in any case. There is no chance for driver to use company car to do his own jobs. 

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