Vehicle GPS tracker Apps

Vehicle GPS tracker APP

Vehicle GPS Tracker with tracking Apps

  Vehicle GPS tracker CT03  supports powerful tracking features to protect your car well.  To improve productivity and service, Oner brings GPS tracking Apps.  It includes SMS and online Version. 1. SMS tracking apps This apps include all commands of tracker, user can control devices by simple way.   Easy to use. No many commands, no complicate operations, what you need is to click a button in the apps; All commands send out by SMS, no connection to server, no GPRS cost. It is good for user without good GPRS network; It is suitable for user with small fleet, no need to hire people to track cars. Instead of it, fleet owner can control all cars by himself, save management cost.

2.  Online tracking apps User can use the same ID and password to active this app, device data will load from the tracking system. In this app, user can do follow things:  Live tracking: check current location of the car on map Car control: send command to stop car; Car status:  check engine on or off, car door open or close; History: play back a track run.    User can select one or both to manage the cars in different cases, improve working effective, fleet management and car security. 

Date: 十二月 08, 2015
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