Vehicle Security

vehicle security

Improve vehicle security 

Active Bluetooth tracker CT03-BT, click button in Bluetooth tracker app, enter security(arm) mode

In arm mode, the followed alerts active:

     Shaking alert:

when the car get shaking , you will get alert notification. It will bring help in some cases even if you are not there. For example, get hits while parking in the lot; Some one draw out your car;  Kids jump on the car,etc.

     Car status alert:

when any one open car door, or engine is on illegally, you will get alert message. 

When you are back, you can click button in app again to leave arm mode. And then above alerts will be deactivated. 

SOS alert:

Ask for help when you are in trouble like get stuck without any other solution.

press SOS button, Bluetooth tracker will send message to your friends and family . and they will com to help.

Moreover. this Bluetooth tracker app is so simple to use. No need to train.

For fleet company, their drivers can set the security mode by themselves.  For end users, they also can make a simple click to protect their car.  Save cost and time, improve vehicle security.

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